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The Art of Emceeing Digitally Re-Mastered, 25 Years Later

Ahsan The Golden Child Digitally Re-Masters The Art of Emceeing

25 years ago Hip Hop, the local scenes, were run by street tapes and mixtapes, and 'The Art of Emceeing' took NY/NJ by storm. The street tape was released by Ahsan The Golden Child and Righteous M.O.B. Entertainment, who both shared a mission to bring new Hip Hop talent some exposure. 25 years later, Ahsan The Golden Child has re-mastered the street tape and is available exclusively on Audiomack. “Whether it was listening to Magic and Marley on WHBI prior to WBLS, Music Factory Record Store in Manhattan, Red Alert on Kiss, or copies of street tapes my ear was always to the ground. . I loved sharing what I found I would come to school and was like, yo there’s this new kid Milk D flowing over this ill version of Impeach the President.” The Art of Emceeing was distributed with the assistance of Echo Unlimited throughout Hip Hop shops, skate shops, record and clothing stores, events, and street teams worldwide. Legendary DJ Red Alert comes in strong with the intro to set the tone for an epic dose of earmilk. The street tape featured Black Lotus (Miz, Dreadman aka Sunny Arson, Drastic), Blackmel aka Supastion, Broken Home (Uncle Ed the Pervert and Manson), High Noon (Jahbatton aka Rootz & Kedar), Ill Represnters (Space and Digital aka Mr. Blogz), Knowledge, Marzuwg, Nemesis (Eloh Kush, Onom, Big Ciph), Scienz of Life (Lil Sci, ID 4 Winds, Inspector Willabee), The Fam (Kwa aka Glorious and Ja the Gift of Angelz Inc.), The Sorseris, and Warbucks (Shakim Khadifi, Cahoon, Dontego)…Here we are 25 years later with the digitally remastered project by Ahsan The Golden Child and Righteous M.O.B. Entertainment.

The 35-track mixtape gives listeners over an hour of pure boom-bap, classic NY/NJ Hip Hop that serves as an epic dose of nostalgia. It takes Hip Hop enthusiasts back to a time when the culture and elements thrived. Stream Art of Emceeing above and connect with Ahsan The Golden Child below. Be sure to order your Art of Emceeing official tee-shirt!

Ahsan The Golden Child

Instagram – @ahsanthegoldenchild

Twitter – @ahsanthegolden

Facebook Fan Page – @ahsanthegolden

Art of MCing (In 2011 The Golden Child changed the name when he created Art of MCing monthly showcase)

Instagram – @artormcing

The Art of Emceeing on Audiomack

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