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At the intersections of Cooking & Music: goodboy noah & Ayo Cheetah

One ignores the rapid rise of TikTok food instructionals at their own peril: this short, highly addictive format is increasingly where the discourse (and the fun) around food culture happens.

It raises the question: With as many TikTok stars as there are heavenly bodies in the sky, how do you manage to shine bright?

Noah Morayniss - known as goodboy noah on all social media platforms - answers such in the form of short videos through a combination of cooking, R&B Soul harmonizing, and his Rap-puppeteered colleague Ayo Cheetah.

goodboy sings verses, Cheetah raps verses, ingredients are mixed then cooked or chilled per lyrical instructions and become a meal.

And the 1-minute courses may often include parental advisory language.

Like many content creators who find themselves in possession of a vast social media following, this was not the original plan for Morayniss. "I knew I wanted to do music, and I love R&B, but I was just kind of floating a little bit. The promotion side of the business made me miserable. But then I started talking to Cheetah, and we agreed to make some funny cooking videos where we sing and rap."

Noah and Cheetah’s success was immediate from their first harmonized cooking video, with 240,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments over a breezy omelet instructional. It's been reported that the video has now been viewed more than one million times since their debut collaboration in early 2022.

The duo’s embrace by the music community has been impressive; Wu-Tang's Raekwon "The Chef" dropped fire emojis in their comment sections. Yet, it’s these videos’ approach to home cooking that are found particularly engaging: humor, levity, and the ability to make your audience smile are underrated tools in the food content arsenal.

"Justin Bieber shared the salmon video on TikTok," goodboy noah remembers, "and Snoop Dogg shared the banana bread video on his Instagram page." - such particular clip that represented something of an inflection point for the growth of Noah and Cheetah at a staggering 1.8 million likes for a one-minute video.

"I’m actually a bad cook," Morayniss says, leaning back into the concept, "but Cheetah is a great cook - he’s the master chef."

Their musical filmed shorts have also extended its cooking template unto other subject matters, by branching into friendship clips and "how to" moments that even include R&B legend Montell Jordan.


In regard to the avenue of music beyond the cooking world, goodboynoah has solos, collaborations and music video releases of his own - such as “Dial Tone”, “Attitude”, “Buggin”, “Hit N' Run”, “Dumb”, “Tie Down”; and the infamous “Dr. Stacks”, “Pays Her Bills” and the spectacular R&B Soul single “Airport Bar” produced by Evil Needle.

In early 2023, goodboy noah and Ayo Cheetah released music; starting with their tag-teamed The Harry Potter EP, and then constantly winning with the single releases of "Ayo" and "Time Is Money".

And as the last few months of 2023 became history, Ayo Cheetah aka MC Spots brought the world up to speed with revealing his rap-group Beast Reality with Killah C & Dr. Shellz. The rap-group has music and video releases of "Beast Reality" and the newest Christmas anthem "Merry Muthaf*#%in' Xmas" featuring Hip-Hop icon Xzibit.

*SOURCE: Ayo Cheetah, Let’s Cook; Noah Morayniss is behind the rapping, cooking, occasionally foul-mouthed cheetah that is legitimately the freshest voice in food media. Taste >

*VIDEO: Ali Tila’s homemade Choco Tacos are bleeping delicious! (Ali and Cheetah teach Noah how to make the perfect homemade Choco Taco) >

*RehaB101 Original New School Webcast > #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

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