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Shawn Xavier Jones released his third single in the era of the pandemic. God has ordained his penmanship in this powerful track that speaks immensely of the Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God Himself; providing and being everything that we need entitled “That Is You”.

Featuring on lead Sherri Livingston (formerly of O’landa Draper & The Associates), also presenting the Mens Fellowship Chorus on background - this masterpiece is produced by Shawn Xavier Jones, Jason St. Clair & Christopher Henton, Sr. - capturing the anointed vocal skills of an all-male ensemble delivering a chorale arrangement declaring God's worth without compromising the focus.

That Is You as recorded by Shawn Xavier Jones featuring Sherri Livingston (practicing the vamp) >

* #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

RehaB101 Original New School Webcast >

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