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Crush Your Enemies Totally (ft. Killah Priest & DV Alias Khryst) | Single

Artist: Rock Mecca (ft. Killah Priest & DV Alias Khryst) Genre: Hip Hop, Rap Location: Queens, NY Single: "Four Seasons of War": Artwork: See below Twitter: @RockMecca @KillahPriest @GeneralDV Via @Soulspazm @Therealspacelab @rebelveinent @IStillLoveHER_ Links:

About: SpaceLAB Recordings in association with Rebel Vein Entertainment & Soulspazm Records presents “Crush Your Enemies Totally”, the latest single off Queens emcee supreme Rock Mecca’s upcoming EP Rise To Power, which will arrive at streaming services & digital stores early Spring 2022. Rock Mecca has been preparing fans for Rise To Power’s release over the last 6 months by consistently releasing singles, & the 4th outing on this streamlined & unapologetic EP is “Crush Your Enemies Totally.” “CYET” is a new beginning of sorts, as it also serves as Rock Mecca’s formal debut as a Producer. After putting in enough years as an emcee, you inevitably form a vision of the type of beats you want to hear, & stepping behind the boards for the first time, Rock combines sample chops of eerie legato violins atop classic breakbeat-inspired drums as he paints vivid pictures of preparation for war, paranoia & careful surveillance of one’s enemies - the song’s title inspired by Robert Greene’s 15th Law in The 48 Laws of Power. Rock Mecca has quietly assembled a resume of collaborations that reads like a who’s-who of classic hip-hop, & “Crush Your Enemies Totally” is no different, once again reaching out to the Wu-Tang family tree in the form of Killah Priest, who delivers the same quality of poetic & abstract wordplay that has helped him remain a fan favorite over the last 25 years. Priest sets the tone in the first bar with a Ghengis Khan reference & the deadly serious delivery doesn’t relent until the verse concludes. The chorus is rounded out by Brownsville, Brooklyn mainstay DV Alias Khryst - often referred to respectfully as “the underground Nate Dogg”, known for pairing melody with grit as he’s laced many a chorus for the likes of Smooth Da Hustler, Trigger Da Gambler, M.O.P., Mobb Deep & many more since his formal debut in 1996 on The Nutty Professor soundtrack. Rise To Power also includes guest appearances from Ruste Juxx, Cappadonna, Pacewon, Big Rube, Krumbsnatcha, Edo.G, & reggae artist Metric Man. Production is handled by long-time collaborator Jake Palumbo, as well as Wrona, DJ DJO-One, Rock Mecca himself & more. Check out the song below.

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