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Chuck Platinum's "Curse of a Genius" Album

Chuck Platinum, multi-award-winning producer, DJ, radio personality, audio engineer, and Hip Hop artist, recently released his new solo album titled "Curse of a Genius."

The Bronx heavy-hitter comes with his A-game to deliver pure NY Hip Hop at its best. The 7-track album features Earn Dinero, ILY Truly, Scrilla Gambino, Wayz Da Don, and JR JustReal.

"Curse of a genius is an album about the curse really being your gift. When you get to a certain point as an artist you will gain more challenges with success. Maybe it will be the difference between life and death of your career. It's about challenging yourself to be better. This album sonically takes you on a journey of a man about to reach his time in success"

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