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Brand New Music From R&B Sensation Katherine Swain ft. Rhyrmcka "Changes"

Katherine Swain continues to take R&B to the next level. Her new single “Changes” is no exception and is a compelling nuptial between R&B and Hip Hop. The record features lyrical vigilante Rhymrcka with production by Bookowski for Fantom of the Beat. “Changes” commences with a backdrop swaying of 70’s soul and instrumental blends, and is reminiscent of classic Pam Grier vibes. Swain’s passioned vocals, boisterous at times, narrate a tale of broken promises. She continues to hear baby things will change, but the next day things are still the same. She’s living it up in NY and NY is feeling her back, but when she wakes up she’s still alone waiting for change. Rhymrcka comes in strong with a verse to back Swain up, as her vocals fade out, yet resonate long after the song is over. Enjoy "Changes" and we appreciate any spins/plays. Katherine Swain is available for interviews. To schedule, please reply or contact me directly via text at 609-756-6377.

@thekswain on Twiter, Facebook, and Instagram

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