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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

With a Hustler’s mindset, get rich or die trying attitude and kush cultured ways, ZayMan delivers us tales about street life and hustling over various trap melodies. Zayman, born in Hollywood, Florida, discovered his love for music as a child. After he finished school, he started writing music and realized this was his passion. He was very creative with words and wrote many songs.

After beating a trafficking charge in 2012, ZayMan turned backed to music. The studio life was his love and Kush was his love affair. ZayMan opened his label Kush Gang Entertainment in February of 2014 and launched Kush Gang Clothing at the end of that year. ZayMan has toured all over the East Coast pursuing his music career and promoting his brand.

ZayMan, still working independently without a distribution deal, has released music on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and many more. ZayMan has an ever so fast-growing fan base, a unique sound, a hustler’s mentality, and the will to succeed. With those qualities, the sky is the limit for the self-made musician and entrepreneur.

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