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Will Sully "Pay Homage" (89 Flow) Video

Will Sully, a seasoned multifaceted threat in Hip-Hop, releases the fourth video from his new album ‘Freebase.’ The video “Pay Homage (89 Flow)” is sure to have Hip Hop heads grabbing boom-box batteries, dusting off Kangols, flashing gold chains, and headed to the b-ball courts or one of the five boroughs for a display of street breakdancing.

The Queens-based producer, rapper, and songwriter sporting a “Make Hip Hop Great Again” tee-shirt and braided gold chain, takes listeners on a visual and lyrical tribute to the roots of Hip Hop. Distinct images of NYC street murals, breakdancing, graffiti, and pioneers who paved the way including Eric B and Rakim, Biggie, Biz Markie (RIP), and Jam Master Jay (RIP), provide a canvas for Sully’s “press-rewind until the cassette unravels” lyricism.

Regardless of the lane or branch of Hip Hop, one might craft, it’s crucial to know and respect the culture’s history along with the five elements. Will Sully reminds us of that whether watching as a fan or artist.

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Pay Homage YouTube Video

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