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West Coast Rapper DLabrie Releases "Vampire NETW3RK" Single

On Halloween, West Coast Hip Hop artist DLabrie released his new single “Vampire NETW3RK” with production by SixFiveNada of RDV. The track also features Kung Fu Vampire, Traxamillion, YDMC (RDV), Sean Blak, Muenster, Boogie Madeoff, and Playz. Fans can stream/download the single on all platforms or head over to Bandcamp for exclusive bundle packs and more.

The Oakland, CA-based rapper as seen on BET, MTV, CNN, and NBC, releases “Vampire NETW3RK” as an early drop from his sequel to the trilogy and series ‘Mr NETW3RK.’

#RonDaVOODOO Horror Tales from San Jose/ Silicon Valley! Sharks love the taste of Blood! Everywhere in the world lurks a Vampire NETW3RK in the darkest and roughest parts of town…That’s where you can find us, join Mr NETW3RK & friends.” #RonDaVOODOO

“Vampire NETW3RK” is pure West Coast vibes all day and night. The compelling blend of cinematic and chilling melodies sets the tone for the track as do minutes and minutes of heavy punchlines. This is World War Z at its most dangerous as the #RonDaVooDoo crew come for you through all portals…If you’re a fan of Freddy Krueger’s twisted wordplay and Myers’ cleverness, “Vampire NETW3RK” is for you! The striking drums and bass along with horrorcore upbeat tempos intensify the chilling factor.

Enjoy this West Coast vibe and we appreciate any coverage. Thank you in advance for your time and support. Stay blessed -MJ


Bandcamp embedded code

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Vampire NETW3RK ft. Kung Fu Vampire,Traxamillion,YDMC (RDV), Sean Blak, Muenster, Boogie Madeoff, Playz prod by @SixFiveNada of RDV by DLabrie</a></iframe>

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