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VON-T "Anything 4 U"

Sacramento, California native “Von-T” is an American rapper, DJ, singer & songwriter who first really got into music in 2018 with little experience.

In January 2019, after the music video for the hit single titled “Turn Off the Lights” went viral on the internet accumulating over a million views on World Star Hip-Hop his career really took off. This drew curiosity as to who is the man in the mask. Von-T also works all different genres of music with their own unique sound. Von-T wears a helmet, but the real purpose remains unknown. This is because when asked he always tells a different story.

Owner and CEO of Symbiotic Music Group℗. In 2022, the single titled "Anything 4 U" Feat. Timothy Bloom is his most successful single to date and is rapidly spreading across the internet. He spent many years in the United States military, but also has much respect for the streets and is known as TDO Von-T The Hope.

He produces hip-hop music, EDM, 80’s “retro” music, rock and roll music and emo rap music. After the 2020 release with Ty Dolla $ign on the single titled “Whip”, he began to grow even faster, and he is now a household name.

He was criminally charged in the Army because he made Hip-Hop music and the single “Turn Off the Lights” being targeted specifically. His situation grows as he continues to reach the world and spread the story about the U.S. Army and its racial practices. >

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