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Deline is an independent upcoming singer/rapper located in the Metro Atlanta area. Her musical influence also expands Portland, Maine to Brooklyn, NY.

She started singing at the mere age of 6 years old; and after years of being encouraged to take her gifts to the next level, she started performing publicly at school talent shows and beyond.


Deline's music exudes confidence, complacence, and authenticity.

Her music and video releases include the sincere "Feelings To Convey", "Ride The Wave", the raw word flipping "Commando", and the newest straight fire "Rock Star".

Recently, Deline unleashed "Like Missy" on the Next Up Live Performance microphoned platform.


*VIDEO: Deline - "Like Missy", Next Up Live Performance >

*RehaB101 Original New School Webcast > #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

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