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Hip-Hop G-Funk Living Legend, Kokane aka Dr. Kokanstine, continues to keep the bar on high standard for indie music releases - in regard to professional completion and follow up.

Hence, Da Funkin’ Adventures of Dr. Kokanstine Album Trilogy - a triple album release inclusive of the highlighted single and video "Hey You".


The release of "Hey You" is yet another reminder of the cultural purpose of Hip-Hop musicians; and that such culture has never been a narrowed scope of fashion statements, capitalist popularity and sex-drives... but also delivering appropriate thought-provoking messages and societal alertness.

The "Hey You" song and music video will inspire you to open up your heart to the everyday / every moment harsh reality of the homelessness epidemic.

It also continues questioning of why our governments consistently prefer to spend more on wars; and less toward coordinating re-entry programs to house, feed, clothe and educate those in need of mental health assistance, as well as ensure life-sustaining job placement for the underemployed.


This song is yet another testament to Kokane’s sincerity and versatility of being a great music-artist for over 30 years.


Directed by The Director Frazier, "Hey You" captures Frazier's artistic vision as he creates a visual narrative that complements this song perfectly.

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