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Kareem Bin-Salamon otherwise known as “Une3kK” was born and raised in Southside Virginia and has always had a strong interest in music of all sorts from being exposed to many different genres in his household as a child. At the age of 13 Une3kK moved to Hampton, Virginia where he found his love for Hip-Hop and pursued his interest in writing music and also teaching himself how to formulate, mix, record and produce his own music. After a year practicing and honing his craft, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and then found his love of performing. After having his first taste of being a performer, his destiny was then set in stone. He has shown great evolution in his craft and is now starting to really make a mark along his journey in Hip-Hop. His music consists of real-life emotions, experiences, and circumstances: all of which have made him the person that he is today.

Une3kK says that his main goal is to simply change the world with his words and to maybe help an individual that can relate to his art; and that he says will complete his mission as an artist and as a person. >

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