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THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD: Hip-Hop's Polo Rican Entrepreneur, Author, MC, Director, Fashion Icon, Historian

Thirstin Howl the 3rd (aka Skillionaire, The Polo Rican) is one of Hip-Hop’s legendary artists and influential icons.

Of Puerto Rican descent and from the Marcus Garvey Village projects in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, Thirstin first became immersed in Hip-Hop culture as a graffiti writer and a B-Boy dancer in the early 80’s.


An independent artist, Thirstin Howl the 3rd has independently manufactured albums, videos, movies, a clothing line and published literature for over three decades.

Beginning as a production assistant at MTV for several years, Thirstin learned well and went on to become a writer and cast member for the MTV Lyricist Lounge Show. He gained notoriety via The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype (Sept. 97) whilst teaming with Eminem, Wordsworth and Juice? for Los Angeles’ Rap Olympics.

He is also co-founder of the Lo Lifes, the Brooklyn street fashion gang of the late 1980’s that has now expanded to become a Hip Hop organization leading the way in fashion, rap music, graffiti, film and literary works.


Thirstin is featured in the HBO documentary feature film, Very Ralph, the first documentary portrait of the fashion icon Ralph Lauren; and was hired by Ralph Lauren and Vice magazine to be the model for the historical event of Polo’s retro release campaign of the Snow Beach line; and in book, tv and film appearances including the 2022 book of Ralph Lauren's Polo Shirt by Rizzoli publishing.

He has also co-wrote, with Tom Gould, the massive photographic coffee table book, Bury Me With the Lo On; the history of the Lo Life legacy from 80’s street gang to today’s worldwide movement with chapters throughout the world (now in its second printing and a documentary).

Thirstin has also been featured in other documentaries that highlighted Hip-Hop's influence in fashion, such as PBS Channel’s American Experience and Showtime just to name a few more.


And there's TH3's music library - 3 decades and still growing - of his album releases, collaborations, and guest-features nationally and internationally.

Recognized as a museum young living legend of Hip-Hop, he's performed on California’s Sway and Tech's The Wake Up Show Freestyle Video Vol #1 - as well as earning The Wake Up Show’s 1997 Outstanding Mic Skills Award. His music résumé ("ASSORTED FACT SHEET... collaborated with a vast array of diverse artists") is timelessly official-official = skilling with other Rap icons of the past, past-present, present and present-future.


Thirstin Howl the 3rd's newest rap project Thoughts Skillustrated is what music fans seemingly have been wishing for from many other artists and in radio rotation - consistent high-quality rap, beats, performance, production, focus, coordination and actual Hip-Hop.

Produced by Matteo Getz, Howl's Thoughts Skillustrated skillfully illustrates the end-result of high level respect some rap-musicians have for their craft, their culture, their performance and for people who want quality reality-rap from the streets. There's much music to rock with including: "Brownsville Legends", "Whatever Mami Want", "Thirsty Giant Mastas", "Elephant Trumpets", "No Cages", "Screw Life", "Lo's & Cons"; and there's much features whom to rock with including: Smoothe Da Hustler, DV Alias Khryst, the great late Hurricane G, Classic, Skillustrator Lo, AG, Masta Ace, Rockness Monsta, UG, Comet, Blaq Poet, King David, Ajax Lo, Camarah Walleed, and The Buze Bruvas.


Thoughts Skillustrated is a very welcomed album of Hip-Hop Rap songs... not an all-star compilation of a few good music tracks and a couple of nice beats. There's nothing lazy - or struggling not to be - here.

Perspectively, Thirstin Howl the 3rd keeps winning.

With over thirty years in creating some of Hip-Hop’s most iconic music, producing films, music videos, and shows, multimedia enterprising and event organizing - all whilst continuing to be a pioneering leader - Thirstin Howl the 3rd is a cornerstone of Hip Hop culture.



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