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The "post-promotion" aspect of working a record release

You’ve written the perfect new album, recorded it with the best producer you can afford, and mastered it within an inch of its life.

You’ve released it into the ether for the hungry listeners to feast on. And now you wait for the recognition, the critical response, the the… silence?


You should definitely promote after the song(s) release, this can change everything. Go out and get feedback. Find the people who will be sensitive to your music.


What can you do to promote after your song’s release?


1. Get your music noticed

Getting your music noticed can help you build a following, get booked for gigs, and ultimately help you further your music career.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to get your music noticed. And it doesn’t always involve throwing money around.

Elevating your artistic presence and allowing people to get access to your music easier - taking your music career to the next level, get your music noticed.


2. Share some behind the scenes

Whether on your own or as a collaboration, bouncing ideas at 4 am in the studio for that new song or writing that definitive hook in the shower are the moments that make music creation special. So, talk about them; include them in the album’s notes, mention them on the radio, and make sure they’re on the record’s press release.

If you have photos or video of the process - it's even better. A rare glimpse into an artist’s world is addictive for music fans.


3. Release a music video

A music video can be a great way to connect with fans and give them a deeper insight into an artist’s creative process.

Music videos are extensions of the song(s) you’re releasing. Even some footage from a few live gigs can work well for this.

A music video can be a great way to connect with fans and give them a deeper insight into an artist’s creative process. A well-crafted music video can amplify your song(s) and give it gravitas (respect and trust).


4. Make a live session

Whether it’s a live stream or pre-recorded show, music fans love a live session. So do one - especially if you play your top songs. Hearing or seeing you live is a great way for new fans to connect with you.

A live version of their favorite song in all its raw exposure is a real treat for true music fans; the energy of a live session is like no other. Give your fans something back and connect with them live.


5. Ask another artist to remix your track

Artists love championing other artists. Getting your track into the hands of another artist to remix can be a surefire way of exposing you to a different audience.

If you can approach an artist or band that has a greater presence than you - it's even better. This is why it’s important to make friends with every band or artist you play with, because you never know when their musical fame can lift your music industry standing.


6. Post on Social Media

Posting on social media seems like an obvious one right? But how do you talk about your new single or album without shoving it in people’s faces? You’ve got to be subtle.

Look for bands or artists you love that people are talking about and join the conversations. Find social music influencers and get into their line of sight.


7. Don’t be afraid to do too much, be original and inventive

Don’t be afraid to be inventive, such as offering a free download if they scanned a QR Code (after you’ve created one for your music release).


8. Continue to contact Media, Radios, and Playlist Curators

Keep your nerve and carry on contacting media, radios, and playlist curators.

Getting your music on the right playlists and into the hands of radio DJs and stations can keep your song(s) in rotation (if your songs are of quality material).


9. Share your press coverage

Every scrap of press coverage, whether it’s a small music blogger review of your album or a full-blown interview... share it wide and far.

Get the buzz going. Start with indie music blogs and branch out to local venues and promoters; they’re likely to have websites with a music news section.


10. Play your music live

Seems like a simple idea, but playing a live show is one way of getting your name out there. Research and find out who the best promoters are in each city and town, contact them, and get to know them.

Also, look up touring bands that have a similar audience and see if you can get available support slots (such as being an additional act).


11. Contact music labels

Find and contact bands or artists that are similar to your style and see what labels they may be dealing with. Get to know how and who to specifically contact to present your material.

Indie labels don’t have as much kick as the majors - but they do have the cool factor. Getting involved with an independent music label can open a lot of doors for your music career.



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