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Texas Star AJ Chaka Returns With "Real As It Gets" EP

Celebrated Texas sensation (emcee/songwriter) AJ Chaka returns with another stinger titled 'Real As It Gets' or #RAIG which has been taking over the industry headlines. #RAIG comes after the whirlwind success of his critically acclaimed ‘Trill As It Gets’ project. #RAIG not only shows off AJ Chaka’s lyrical genius but also his charm and humbling honesty, giving audiences and fans a transparent pallet of reality. The 6-track EP brews with AJ Chaka’s signature, unmatched refreshing blends of old and new schools of Hip Hop. It features Rockwelz, Queen Ms.K, Re:Zen & Celebrity, Dree & Ion, with guest producers Keith Burgess and Marcus Boyd Beats, #RAIG is another timeless gem effortlessly delivered by the Texas star. Enjoy #RAIG and we appreciate any coverage. AJ Chaka is available for interviews. To schedule please reply to this email or contact me directly via text at 609-756-6377. As always thank you for your time and continued support. -Marissa MJ Savino Connect with AJ Chaka AJ Chaka on Facebook | Instagram @ajchaka | Twitter @ajchaka Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group, LLC. | | Home - Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group LLC As Real As It Gets on Bandcamp Bandcamp embedded code <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Real As It Gets by AJ Chaka</a></iframe>

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