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Status & Hooks feat. Young Zee "Three Midgets In A Trenchcoat"

Underground Hip-Hop Duo Status The Marlboro Man and Krookid Hooks are back with a new underground banger - this time featuring New Jersey Legend Young Zee. “THREE MIDGETS IN A TRENCHCOAT” is produced by The White Shadow of Norway with rhymes and punchlines galore.

This tongue-in-cheek track is as wild as the title suggests. This track is custom built for Boom Bap fans and lyric lovers. The beat bangs and the scratch chorus by White Shadow brings memories of underground cyphers and 90s diss tracks. Add this 'soon to be classic' to your playlist today!

Many know Hooks and Status from their underground releases and roudy shows originating in the Mile High City in the early 2000s. Young Zee of the infamous OUTSIDAZ and SHADY CORP crew has been a Hip Hop favorite for over 20 years. Together with The White Shadow - Hooks, Status and Young Zee combine forces to assure the underground torch stays lit. >

* #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

RehaB101 Original New School Webcast >

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