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Southwest's Hottest Anthem: "Couple Goals" by Lexxi Meshan ft. Big Doobie

Imagine a Hip-Hop musical showdown - Female vs. Male - about choosing where to chow down!

From potential hilarious TikTok memes to settling the age-old question "Cheesecake Factory or not?", Lexxi Meshan's "Couple Goals" featuring Big Doobie has it all!

Perfected within the Valley of The Sun, Phoenix AZ, "Couple Goals" is one of the most creatively crafted songs from the Hip Hop southwest in quite some time. The single is a blending rollercoaster of colorful emotions wrapped in a lyrical heated argument that turns into a wild ride of laughter.

Lexxi Meshan and Big Doobie paint a vivid picture of conflict, love, and a resolution that'll keep you grinning, head nodding "yes" and hitting replay!

*VIDEO: COUPLE GOALS - Lexxi Meshan feat. Big Doobie >

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