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Roccwell & DJ C.S.P. ft. Ren Thomas "Just In Case"

After the successful release of the collabo album "In Good Company" in 2022 as SoulRocca together with the two Hamburg veterans Soulbrotha now follows Roccwell's next strike:

The single "Just In Case" in collaboration with DJ C.S.P. on the wheels of steel, for which Ren Thomas was recruited. Ren Thomas is known for his aggressive presence, lyricism, wit and ability to adapt to different styles of music.

In 2013, Ren won the EOW Challenge of Champions and represented the US in England where he placed 3rd. In 2015, Ren signed with Philadelphia-based label Sensi Starr Records and released a plethora of material that resulted in the critically acclaimed album "I Been Nice" in 2017, with the title track produced by Pete Rock. In 2017, he performed on Sway In The Morning and was voted "Top 10" of the year.

"Just In Case" features an uncompromising beat, punchy lyrics and DJ C.S.P.'s spectacular cuts that compliment the beat perfectly. >

* #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

RehaB101 Original New School Webcast >

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