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NY Rapper Snooze Daily Unleashes "Beast and Wolverine" Video

Snooze Daily Through Fantomusic and WhoMag release a new single and video titled "Beast N Wolverine (Wicked Games)." The track features Rhymrcka and JalishaSings with production by the legendary, Billboard, platinum Fantom of the Beat (Haas G). The intro provides the perfect calm before the storm with news appearing on the screen about the state of Hip Hop in 2250 while Snooze Dailly and Rhymrcka prepare for a lyrical attack. Their monstrosity of bars is delivered aggressively over gritty production and ground-shaking bass, which intensifies each stomp from the beast and wolverine. The wicked games they spew about are the struggle to live, and the hustle to get it right. JalishaSings offers a soothing, melodic hook to ease their destruction.

YouTube video

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