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New single "L.I. Worldwide" featuring Long Island legend PMD of EPMD

Long Island vetted Hip Hop artist/producer B.Dvine and Long Island legend PMD of EPMD link for his new self-produced single “L.I. Worldwide” featuring cuts by Tone Spliff. A new anthem for Long Island Hip Hop comes fused with heavy basslines and electrifying riffs. Both B.Dvine “every time we pick up the mic we rock like Spinal Tap,” and PMD “PMD Strong Island Born Strong Island bred,” spew verses brimming with wicked bars and resonating metaphors. The single is the first release off B.Dvine's upcoming album 'Louvre Magnate.'

"L.I. Worldwide" on Spotify

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Connect with B.Dvine @bdvine631 on Instagram and Twitter and

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