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Kayla Musetta’s “Played Feelings”

Kayla Musetta is an R&B artist and songwriter with a deep and enduring love for the art form.

The College Park, Georgia native has undeniable passion and love for music, which she expertly melds with her undeniable talent - and drives her desire to express and share her artistry. Her devotion fuels her commitment and work ethic; she works tirelessly to pursue a life filled with musical creativity.

She has released several singles on major platforms and in radio rotation, including songs "You", "Can I", "What To Do", "Serial Lover", "Late Night", and an open-mic video of "Played Feelings".

Kayla has also dueted with rising R&B crooner OpenSoul on the song "Come Through".

Music is a labor of love for Kayla Musetta and her commitment to her craft is unwavering.

*VIDEO: Played Feelings Open mic >

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