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John Jigg$ x Samplicity "Grand Royale"

NY heavy spitter John Jigg$ and producer Samplicity recently put out their 8-track collaborative project entitled Grand Royale and to continue their music run they return with the visual for the title track. The record in question is as gloomy as they come with Samplicity crafting an eerie beat made up of weird creepy samples with punchy breakbeats while John paints a vivid picture of balancing life between the dangerous streets and a peaceful one. The rapper is determined and hopeful but at times also rueful about the whole situation. Lines like "I got visions in my brain on living off the cocaine, pulling up in a Benz and dipping off in a range/trying to pay the bills in the same order that they came, all the trips uptown I did it all for the game" sees him prioritizing his needs and wants and basking in his dreams. The accompanying visual sticks to familiar grounds with a focus on John Jigg$'s performance style and subtle flashing visual effects and seamless transitions with an overall brooding aesthetic. >

"Grand Royale" is the title track of the 8-song project from John Jigg$ and Samplicity and it boasts features from AfroDev, SUBSTANCE810 and Roodini.

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