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JB!! Aka Dirty Moses presents 'Ultraterrestrial' The Album

The role of Hip-Hop ambassador seems perfect for JB!! aka Dirty Moses, who has been a pivotal figure in the music scene of New York's upstate Capital Region since the early 1990s.

Originally a native Harlem New Yorker, JB!! moved to Albany, NY and evolved as a pioneering rap-artist, music producer, multi-songwriter, DJ, live-band performer, music awards winner and host of “50 Years of Hip-Hop Celebration” events.

He has released 8 full-length solo albums and several EPs, been featured on an unlimited amount of other music projects, and performed coast-to-coast and internationally.

This season, Dirty Mo' released Ultraterrestrial; and songs range from the freewheeling-space-age ambience of the title track "Ultraterrestrial", to the Gap Band-sampling with greet-the-day positive vibes of "Get Up (Early)".

This album should be taken seriously.


The project is a tour de force loaded with guest appearances from New York State's Capital Region trailblazers such as DJ Nate da Great, Victory Soul Orchestra’s Dali Soto, and Sev Statik.

The album's Capital Region anthem "518 vs Everybody" features an orchestra of rap-artist heroes: Emcee Graffiti, Knowle'ge, Mike Arson, & G Bags YFFR; while the perfectly intwined James Brown Funky Drummer blend on "Difico" showcases an Oddy Gato lyrical performance that is untouchable.

And solo selections "One of One", “Pray For Me”, and "Gaudy and Godly" are reminders of why the discography library of JB!! aka Dirty Moses is ultraterrestrial. >

*SOURCE: Upstate Beat: Artist JB!! Aka Dirty Moses addresses the human experience on new album, 'Ultraterrestrial', The Daily Gazette (Schenectady NY) >

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