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Hum or sing some lyrics to that song into Youtube Music if you can't remember title or artists

If there's a song stuck in your head, but you can't remember the lyrics, band name or song title, no worries. YouTube Music is here to help.


The YouTube Music app on Android is rolling out a new Shazam-like feature that lets you hum (or badly sing) a song into your phone to search for it on YouTube Music.

The hum-to-search feature is similar to the one that's been available in the Google app and Google Assistant since 2020.


Overall, it works great with more popular and relatively simple or catchy songs, just don't try anything more complex, like avant-garde jazz, technical death metal or melodic hardcore.


● SOURCE: Can't Remember a Song? Just Hum It Into YouTube Music on Your Android Phone; It's like Shazam, except you're the one singing (er, humming) the song. CNET >


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