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Honored Moocher 'Red Mercury (The Ohmidas Journal)' Album

Honored Moocher, a triple threat of rapper, poet, and actor announces the release of his album ‘Red Mercury (The Ohmidas Journal).’

Honored Moocher is no amateur when it comes to Hip Hop and has shared stages with Canibus and Talib Kweli and starred in a TV series that introduced a new generation of South Africans to Antarctica through Hip Hop.

The Africa-based artist’s 17-track album features Sihn Castro, Zubz, Chronburgundy, Jimmy Wiz, and indie G.O.A.T. Reef The Lost Cauze. In the project, Honored Moocher shows off his natural knack for combining classic and new-age Hip Hop, delivered through sharp lyricism underlined with gripping wordplay. Stream ‘Red Mercury (The Ohmidas Journal)’ and connect with Honored Moocher below.

‘Red Mercury (Ohmidas Story)’ on Bandcamp

Bandcamp embedded code

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 786px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Red Mercury(The Ohmidas Journal) by Honored Moocher</a></iframe>

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