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"HIP HOP" - The Heat Tape Single from DJ Kawon & Kongdu 80 Books

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Produced by the phenomenal Kongdu 80 Books, "HIP HOP" is more than just a song; it's an ode to the culture we all hold dear.

As the first official single from the highly anticipated album The Heat Tape by DJ Kawon & Kongdu 80 Books - "HIP HOP" encapsulates the essence of Hip Hop culture and music; including delivering a lyrical journey that only the likes of Philly MCs S.D. & Ja RaJeem can provide.

S.D. and Ja RaJeem's storytelling prowess shines through as they eloquently express their deep-rooted love for Hip Hop in every verse. Their lyrical prowess takes center stage - delivering a narrative that resonates with Hip Hop enthusiasts and aficionados alike; and combined with Kongdu 80 Books' production mastery, creates a sound that is nothing short of iconic. >

*SOURCE: Kawon J. Media

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