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G82U: 2024 Straight-talk for Indie Musicians

Every Independent Artist Needs To Know This (2024)

Group 82 University is founded, hosted, and coached by Alton Dorian Clark; Group82 has received national recognition from the United States Chamber of Commerce for its economic success.

Dorian's professional career includes being a collegiate basketball coach, rapper, producer, songwriter, marketer and consultant. He has a Bachelor Of Arts In Psychological and Brain Sciences, and a Master Of Arts In Education.

Dorian is a former Division I College Basketball Coach whose rap album charted #1 on iTunes nationally and internationally; and he's generated upwards of 100,000,000+ views on YouTube.

Along this journey, Dorian had to learn about passive income, investing, making money online, digital marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

He wants to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn including: How to strategically market your music on all your social media platforms to increase your revenue, following, and visibility to your audiences; How To Grow Your YouTube Channel; Make Quick YouTube Thumbnails Using Canva; and How To Edit Podcast Audio In Logic Pro X.

Dorian's Group 82 University live podcasts have discussions on indie music artists strategies, music industry current events, sports updates, entrepreneurship, and life reality in general.

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