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FLS: As An Entrepreneur You Have To Respect Your Time... just like that 9-5 you have

Time Management

Fran Lover - entrepreneur, producer, musician, and DJ - explains the importance of time-management on The Fran Lover Show.

Fran Lover is owner of ARTISTSHOP; whose motto is "Changing starving artists to thriving artists".

The ArtistShop promises to be the one-stop shop for independent artists.

Seeing how the music industry has changed, ArtistShop has positioned itself in assisting the upcoming surge of independent artists; as the playing field has been leveled and artists can create who they truly are. ArtistShop offers a lot of insight and guidance step-by-step of what needs to be done to complete your project, create a budget and get you on the right track to achieving your goals. “If an artist is not willing to invest in him or herself then who will?”

*VIDEO: The Fran Lover Show - Episode 3: Time Management >

*RehaB101 Original New School Webcast > #RehaB101ONSW newsfeed.

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