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Femcee Influencer - Dominique Danielle

Dominique Danielle is a multifaceted artist; and epitomizes the spirit of creativity, versatility, and self-determination.

She is largely known as a social media personality and influencer - for her comedic and lifestyle posts on Instagram. And as a brand ambassador, she embodies the essence of modern glamour and sophistication; making her a sought-after figure in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Ms. Danielle’s expansive strong presence is on multiple major platforms: from mobile screens to computer screens to the big screen, to fashion runways, to the music scene.

Dominique has focused on emerging on the scene as a rising Hip-Hop rap artist, and has captivated audiences with her unique blend of lyrical prowess and undeniable charisma.

When Dominique takes the stage - the energy is electric, and the crowd is left wanting more. She possesses exceptional performance skills that can enthrall any audience. Whether it’s a large concert crowd or an intimate gathering, her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level sets her apart as an artist who is destined for greatness.

She will perform in the crowd. DD is a true performer.


In addition to collaborating closely with the renowned producer Ervin "EP" Pope, Dominique is releasing musical masterpieces that will leave a lasting impact. In the past few months alone, the duo delivered "What Its Hittn Fo", "History" featuring Jahsee Reason, "Tear It Up", and "It's a DOM THING"; and there's music videos to complement.

And while on promotion tour of the music releases, DD stopped by and got lyrically busy on A TRIP TO THE CORNER STORE Podcast (The Corner Store Network).

Also recently, Dominique had the honor of being seen alongside the legendary Dr. Dre - who noted Dominique as a rising star and urged everyone to keep looking forward to more from her.


Dominique Danielle is a true trailblazer who refuses to be confined by convention, and her journey is one that promises to inspire generations to come.

With a career that spans rap artistry, modeling, acting, brand ambassadorship, radio personality, and more - she is a true embodiment of the modern Renaissance woman.

Her self-made journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide.

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