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Flipmode Squad's 1st Lieutenant and Hip Hop legend Rampage hasn't only been cooking up in the lab but has claimed a national and international takeover for 2021...Rampage announced his new role as label president with Moorish Media and to date has signed 2 artists. He also partnered with which is a new social media platform not only for artists but for anyone in the entertainment industry. Rampage encourages everyone to join the site and begin monetizing from their content! If that isn't enough, Rampage is also polishing up the last chapter of his book titled Rules Levels & Decisions.

Rest assure though, his Heat DJ role has only expanded and will continue to host monthly Heat DJ Conference calls for artists to break new records while featuring legendary artists as well...bridging the generational gap in Hip Hop...The Heat DJ Coalition is represented in all states as well as overseas with presidents in each location. Also to note, Rampage's mix-show Mixshow Madness is currently syndicated on over 60 internet and FM stations/networks worldwide and continues to break new music from indie artists on the show along with mix nothing but Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae classics.

Rampage and the team are springing into March with a plethora of music and business endeavors, so be sure to stay connected...Time to Transform...

Connect with Rampage on Instagram @therealrampage and @rampagethelastboyscout.

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