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Decaf Black Delivers 'Playground of Darkness' Album

Seasoned NY Hip Hop artist/entrepreneur Decaf Black returns with the release of his highly anticipated new album titled ‘Playground of Darkness.’ The 16-track project is out now on all streaming platforms and features Nikki Black and Kaity with production from Sha-Rec Music, LyteHeadStudios, and Supreme Da Almighty.

While most of the world was pre-occupied by the pandemic Decaf Black was locked in the studio polishing up the final touches on the album along with three accompanying videos. Those familiar with Decaf Black know and respect how he moves for the culture which is emphasized in the album. His signature bold lyrics and raw energy resonate throughout the entire album and are highlighted by a blend of gritty, boom-bap melodies and tones. ‘Playground of Darkness’ is a personal, lyric memoir that audiences can grip. Stream the album and connect with Decaf Black below.

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