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DA BREAK's Da Best Riddim Eternal Action Krew

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

DA BREAK IS BACK and its key word remains the same: GROOVE.

Here is the mission that DA BREAK has given itself for their 3rd album Da Best Riddim Eternal Action Krew: To drop a new opus of great quality, which will remain eternally engraved in the memories of Soul Music... BOOM! As simple as that!

Jennifer "Hawa" Zonou & Rémy Kaprielan, founding members of the group, have decided to tighten the ranks and clarify the content of their music - an aesthetic still anchored in their dear 90's Soul Hip Hop culture - but also with a sharpened ear, attentive to today's world and sounds, always searching for federating grooves and warm vibes.

DA BREAK has entrusted the production of their newest LP to Pierre Vadon (also the band's Live keyboard player) who has already proved the quality of his compositions and arrangements on the second album LET IT SHINE (the follow up to their debut DA BREAK).

The mission remains unchanged: to gather, in the line of the social values defended in the 90s urban music and crib of their inspiration; grounded, conscious, questioning, celebrating, comforting, staying open to the world and to each other. Each song is a painting, a story, a reflection.

Composed during an intense period on the emotional level, Da Best Riddim Eternal Action Krew is a subtle mixture of musical influences from the most old school Hip Hop beat to the most contemporary flow, from West Coast vibes to Caribbean colors.

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