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Crunk-N-Buck: Underground Kingz

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Overlooked by many, yet surprising those who recognized the underground representatives of Mississippi, is Crunk-N-Buck.

Born into the same family, and the only sons of two sisters, Crunk and Dabuck1 - inspired upon the death of Crunk's mother at the age of 13 - created a bond much stronger than brothers, and music was their escape.

Many verses have gone unheard over the span of 12 years; from Karaoke machines to 24 track boards, Crunk-N-Buck have been creating lyrics as well as their own unique style - striving and determined to be heard.

They were making mixtapes before there were mixtapes, such as S.P.B. Hustlers recorded on cassette and sold in the hood for $5 back in 1996. It wasn't the best, but locally it was the beginning of something major. People responded with enthusiasm and encouragement, requesting more tapes, more shows, more of the Crunk-N-Buck boyz.

Dropping their first album in 2003 titled Crunk-N-Buck Blowin'Up, an instant classic. They then began self-promoting, selling thousands of CDs out of the trunk throughout the south, and still counting.

With the sound of the super-producer, Blackout, they have created the rawest underground sound out of the state of Mississippi, including the album and mixtape release of Undiscovered - with features from all over such as Kronic, Gangsta Blac, Terror, Guice, Shatterd World, and many more.

In 2011, Crunk-N-Buck released DaBuck1 "State Issue Mixtape - Limited Edition"; a solo project answering anyone who questioned the status of Crunk-N-Buck as being a thing of the past.

They took over the streets releasing Microphone Money in 2012; and continue controlling the momentum with Red Writing in 2014 with anthems such as "L.O.Y.A.L.T.Y." and "Local" (ft. STAAR QUEENKONG).

To date, Crunk-N-Buck continues to unleash heat nationwide and internationally; and letting loose shot after shot from their latest album Underground Kingz with songs like "To Live & Die In Da Sipp" (ft. GUICE SNUBNOZE & JERMAINE MCINTYRE), "Hate To Love" (ft. PLAYA FLY), "Money Calling", "Feels So Good" (ft. TERROR), "Ain't No Killa" (ft. J-CASH & MAC G), "Weed Jar" (ft. TINA JONES), "Purple", "Sun Roof Back" (ft. 8BALL & MJG - the legendary icons of Midwest Rap), "Gangsta Walking", and many more.


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