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Multifaceted serial entrepreneur, Butta B-Rocka's creative career spans many disciplines: international recording artist, songwriter, film director, film producer, screenwriter, actress, model, and bestselling author! With an extremely versatile style that blends numerous elements of nostalgic R&B, pop, rock, gospel, country, and rap, she never fails to captivate any audience she sings to with her unique sonic quality. With her outgoing and energetic personality shining through her performances and music, her ultimate goal has always been to spread positive vibes while sharing heartfelt emotions and personal experiences with audiences through her craft.

Butta is celebrating her roots with a fresh new song dripping with soul, "Times Stands Still," which debuted on February 13th, her visuals drop Feb 28th. "Time Stands Still" embodies the authentic essence and tonality of R&B, and her soulfully raw voice serenades a listener's soul in inexpressibly beautiful ways. An original ballad, the intimate lyrics over the luxurious instrumentation are something close to paradise. Penned by Butta and expertly produced by Team MFN, capturing Butta's voice is all of its hypnotizing power.

Butta has redefined the term "versatility" by showcasing her vocals and composed pieces for ears worldwide. Between her background vocals, demo recordings, and stage performances, Butta's résumé boasts work and assistance with international superstars, Grammy winners, and performers like Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, Kanye West, NAS, Usher, Collective Soul, Zac Brown, Lil Zane, Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium artist Sandrine and countless other talents across the globe from the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Caribbean Islands, Chile, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Antigua, and throughout Africa, these are just a few of the many places that have heard her soul-stirring music.

On April 2nd, Butta, will debut as Executive Producer, Director, and Screenwriter for her romantic comedy feature film “Finding the Perfect Guy.”

Butta is a triple threat, your one-stop shop! Butta has been featured on over 400 + media outlets, and countless magazines, blogs including Billboard and Pitchfork.

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