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BUSINESS OF MUSIC: Industry database ID assigned to you as a performer, producer

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What’s an IPI number?

An Interested Party Information (IPI) number is a unique, international identification number, usually 9–11 digits long. IPIs are assigned to songwriters, composers and music publishers.

How are IPI numbers used?

Most of the world’s performing rights organizations (including ASCAP) use IPI numbers to link you to your musical works, so we can track performances of your music and pay royalties to the right people.

IPI numbers are helpful for distinguishing you from all the other music writers and publishers throughout the world. For example, let’s say you write a song with someone who has a common name, like Pat Smith. You can make sure you have the right Pat Smith by searching by Pat’s IPI number when you’re registering the song with performing rights organizations like ASCAP.

What do I do with my IPI number?

Whenever you register your music with performing rights organizations (PRO), make sure to include your IPI number. Send your IPI number to your collaborators, and make sure you get theirs, too. This ensures that you’re always adding the correct entitled party to your registration.

I have both a writer and publisher membership with a performing rights organization (like ASCAP). Is my IPI number the same for both?

No, you'll likely have a unique IPI number assigned to each of your performing rights organization memberships.

What if I have a pseudonym/alias/stage name?

You should be assigned a separate IPI name number for each name and pseudonym on file with a performing rights organization.

I switched from another performing rights organization. Can I use my existing IPI number to register music with ASCAP?

Yes. IPI numbers are not specific to any single PRO (Performing Rights Organization), and your existing IPI number will typically follow you if you switch to a new society (PRO).

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