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Bobby J from Rockaway & Nef - Radio Days

Rockaway Beach, Queens native Bobby J From Rockaway & Brooklyn-by-way-of-New England producer extraordinaire, Nef, join forces to bring you their first collaborative project — "Radio Days.”

The album borrows its title from the classic Woody Allen movie of the same name, which was shot on location in Rockaway Beach - Bobby’s hometown. It harkens back to a time when people used to crowd around the radio, listening to music for the first time, hoping to hear a new song from their favorite artist. When programming was not yet monopolized by a chosen few, superficial barriers between mainstream and underground barely existed, and being a tastemaker actually meant something.

“Radio Days” boasts guest appearances from J57 (veteran producer and 1/3 of the rap trio Jamo Gang with Ras Kass & El Gant), Wais P (formerly of Brooklyn duo Da Ranjahz/Roc-A-Fella records), legendary Brooklyn spitter FT Street Smartz, Detroit rap veteran Hush, and Queens newcomer Michael Fiya. The 9-track project takes the listener on an audiovisual journey, drawing inspiration from the wide array of musical influences both Nef & Bobby grew up listening to. Together they’ve crafted a sonic experience that is equal parts vintage and contemporary, analog and digital, and old-school sensibilities meets new school execution. Get your blank cassettes ready, hit record on your stereo box, and tap into “Radio Days.” >

Bobby J From Rockaway, Nef - From The Jump ft. J57 >

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