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VIDEO: "Atomic Dog" 40th Anniversary - Collegiate Que Dog Remix ft. George Clinton, C BlaQue & Ben Crump

Updated: Jan 5

Funk legend George Clinton, in collaboration with rising hip-hop artist C BlaQue and renowned Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, released the Que Dog Edition of George Clinton's "Atomic Dog".

The classic funk song was released in 1982; knocking Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” from the #1 spot on the charts. “Atomic Dog” then became the birth of the P-Funk empire and maintained its stronghold in Black culture.

No group lays claim to the highly sampled track more than the men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Considered the unofficial theme song of the fraternity, The Ques are known to take over any space, anytime, anywhere when “Atomic Dog” is being played.

The rap-artist featured on the official remix, C BlaQue, told the Funkadelic, "You may have made the song, but it belongs to The Bruhz now."

C BlaQue, Life Member of the fraternal organization and an up and coming musician, is new to the national attention of the masses but has been an artist for quite some time. A South Carolina native, his music has most recently been featured in the 2021 BET Original Movie, “Karen”.

The world will be hearing more from him on a social justice project with Attorney Crump - bringing light to the ongoing battle for equal justice for Black and Brown people throughout the country.

On its 40th anniversary, Clinton, C BlaQue, and Civil Rights Attorney, Ben Crump recorded their Que Dog version at the 83rd Omega Psi Phi Grand Conclave in Charlotte, North Carolina. Filming the first part of the video with the men who have taken over the legendary track was especially historic now that Clinton became an official member in 2020.

"When I created Atomic Dog in 1982, I had no idea how it would’ve connected to Omega Psi Phi, Inc." Clinton said. "Now that I’m a part of this iconic brotherhood, it is only right to celebrate the only funkin’ way I know how."

*VIDEO: C BlaQue x George Clinton x Ben Crump - Atomic Dog - Que Dog Edition >

*SOURCE: George Clinton Releases Official Video for Omega Psi Phi Remix of “Atomic Dog” for its 40th Anniversary; Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the official Que Dog Edition of Atomic Dog was released. EIN PressWire / Tenacious Dawgs Music >

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