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Animal Barz EP = Nejma Nefertiti x Double A.B. x Dub Sonata x Tone Spliff

Updated: Apr 23

Two words come to mind... collaborative innovation. You will be impressed with this union of talent on Animal Barz:

Dub Sonata and Double A.B. have been long time collaborators with individual discographies that really showcase a high level of skill.

Tone Spliff might be your favorite DJ’s…favorite DJ.

Nejma Nefertiti - polish, intelligence, and sophistication in her pen game that you just don’t see enough of these days in other artists.


This is a concept album in its truest sense, where each emcee tackles a perspective of a particular animal on each song. On this project we have "Dogs", "Pigeons", "Rats", "Elephants", and "Mosquitos" being personified and elaborated on.


"Dogs" sets off the EP; as the momenta of horn barks, lyrical bites, and dj clawing hooks are tenacious. >

"Pigeons" was the first single that dropped a few weeks ago and was a really dope entrance into what the project was about.

"Rats" is where Dub Sonata hits with some snapping drums that are shrouded in a vocal sample; while Tone Spliff bridges the bars of Double A.B., Nejma Nefertiti and Napoleon Da Legend, with those precise scratches that forge a dope chorus that fits perfectly.

"Elephants" gets busy with the horns. There’s a very regal treatment given to the sound of this track, as each emcee showcases attributes to elephants in the wild.

"Mosquitos" sounds like a 50’s Quartet - that's backing the emcees as they speak upon which is undeniably a least favorite species.


This is a collective experience; it wouldn’t have been as dope if just one artist tried to do this solo.

The exchange of verses between Double A.B. and Nejma Neferiti keep listeners' interest piqued and attuned.

Dub Sonata’s use of particular sounds and BPMs give each track the vibe of the animal being referenced.

Tone Spliff drives the dj needles, points and purposes, home with perfected samples for each chorus.


Overall, Animal Barz is a reflection of the human experience.

Don’t miss this playlist... because this is when talent pushes the envelope just a little further than you are used to.


SOURCE: Nejma Nefertiti x Double A.B. x Dub Sonata x Tone Spliff – Animal Barz (2024). Hip Hop Dependency >


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