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50% Soulbrotha + 50% Roccwell = 100% SoulRocca

"In Good Company" by SoulRocca is a collaboration album by the Hamburg veterans Boogiedown Base and 12 Finger Dan, who have operated as Soulbrotha for many years, and the Munich producer Roccwell.

On this project the German production trio celebrates the classic Boom Bap sound with top-class features. Among others, the New York cult rapper J-Live was featured on the first single "Real Recognize Real". Q Ball & Curt Cazal aka QnC from the legendary D&D Studios in New York show on "Classic Position" why they are still relevant after more than 20 years in the game and the Boston MC M-Dot proves on "Toil" why there is a hype around his person in the underground.

The album is a homage to the many Rap classics of the last three decades but always remains fresh thanks to the contributions of talented artists such as DJ Eclipse, J57, Dro Pesci, Wildelux, Resolute or Empulse. >

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