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3D Na'Tee "Apology Accepted" expresses her concurrence = Ph* the Big 3 and a few more

Updated: Apr 14

A redaction of 3D Na'Tee's website page release April 12th 2024:

"Now, if you’re anything like me, you understand that hiphop was built on these 5 pillars: Storytelling, Lyrical Ability, Flow, Style, and Competition… and while many artist in the mainstream today have strayed away from these pillars in favor of solely focusing on style, The Big 3 are what some may consider the last 3 mainstream artist who have not strayed from those fundamentals. All except one, competition.


For years, clout and passiveness has replaced the 5th pillar. We’ve seen rappers pretend to be friends and sneak diss each other in an effort to ride each other’s wave of success. Thats why what kendrick did this week was so significant. He declared his respect for his peers but also stuck his flag in the ground proclaiming his solo spot on the throne of rap... However, we go no response from Drake (so far) and a half assed diss and a whole ass apology from my personal favorite of the 3, J.Cole. No lie, I was phucking disappointed.


Yes, I hear the media sounding off about beef in hiphop and how J.Cole waving the white flag is what the “violent” game of hip hop needs after countless deaths over beef... But, come on… This is Drake, Kendrick and Cole we are talking about. They are obviously intelligent ARTIST. A collective of Pulitzer Prize winners, protest attendees and Canadian actors. I doubt this sparring of words would end in a fight to the death…




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