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3.1.6 - Real Good | Video

About 3.1.6:

316, which is the standard formula for a hip hop record (3) 16's, is made up of Henny Holyfield, Sol, and Speak EZ. These emcees originally met in 2003 and were a four emcee crew named Forensic, but as the fourth member relocated, the trio began working on their solo endeavors separately. In 2013, group members Henny Holyfield and Sol collaborated and formed The Beatknocks, and released their debut album Spittin Images, followed up by their 2nd album, Konnection Established in 2015. Speak EZ was featured on both albums. In 2020, Henny and Sol decided it was time to turn the duo into a trio under the name 316, to release a project that their city needed in order to recieve the attention it deserves.

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