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Neicy Thomas, better known as Neicy Jay is a 26-year-old R&B artist from the south side of Chicago. She is heavily inspired by the 90’s era R&B music and artists. Neicy believes 90’s R&B to be “feel good” music. She says, “It just brings back memories… and that’s what I want my music to do!” Neicy Jay is currently working hard on her debut EP entitled “Love Neicy”! This EP takes you through the calms and the storms of love, starting with sure to be hit singles “Same Room”, “Love Asylum”, and “What’s Love (Bad Girl)”! You can currently find her new single ‘Same Room’ available for download on all digital music outlets (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.). Neicy Jay has always taken high interest in music, radio, and acting! In 2005, she joined the radio, TV, and broadcasting program at Chicago Vocational School. In 2008, Neicy became a radio personality for an internet radio station at Chicago State University. She even interned with V103’s very own Stony Pony, and 107.5 WGCI’s Crazy Howard McGhee. There she broadened her radio broadcasting skills, by learning how to interview celebrities, work with production equipment, and received vocal development to become a radio DJ personality in the future. However, being behind the scenes did not outweigh her passion t to be on the frontlines of the music industry! The people who inspired her to do so were artists like Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Beyoncé, Brandi, and Monica. Wanting to take her career further than just a dream, Neicy decided to sign with indie recording label Kruthick Entertainment Group in 2017. Neicy’s new single ‘Same Room’ has been featured on and in cura countless number of internet radio stations, and is currently in rotation on Chicago’s very own 92.3 Raw Radio (Power 92). She's also been featured in The Hype Magazine, SOM Magazine, Freddy O's Blog site, and The E-Leve Business Site. Neicy Jay also landed a role in the independent film “Sunday”, in which she plays the role of a street level drug dealer’s girlfriend. Putting limitations on her is simply impossible! Watch out for Neicy Jay! Her soft, sultry voice, and heart gripping music is sure to keep you yearning for more from this multi-talented artist. You also may catch her on the big screen one day.

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