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A fabulous dynamic duo, who’s destined for greatness is none other than Philly Redface and Jay Griffy. Together they create The “Formula.” Both gentlemen are strong solo artist with successful projects of their own, who decided to come together, to stir up even more greatness.

Both Philly Redface & Jay Griffy are both from Philly, living in Atlanta sharing the same dream and work ethic.

When the call was made from Griffy to Redface to help him locate a studio in Atlanta, Jay Griffy returned the favor by doing collaboration with Philly Redface called “not regular.”

The Formula started recording more tracks together and eventually released another single called “hunnit bands.” After establishing a dynamic vibe with Jay Griffy being more energized and upbeat with his flow, and Philly Redface being gritty and laid back, the Formula was born.

Both artist recently dropped solo projects: Griffy’s project is titled “Gawd like,” & Philly Redface’s project is titled “Same shyt diffred day. Currently, the Formula and is creating their debut album “All At Once.” They have released 2 songs from the debut album titled “Round drum” and “Feelings.” Be on the look out for this epic dynamic duo: Philly Redface & Jay Griffy: The “Formula.”

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