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July 27, 2019

Clare Promise Brady was raised in Albany NY, and was introduced to the Performing Arts at the age of 6. Auditioning and performing in Musical Theatre, became a part of her world at a very young age. Performing in well known venues such as The Egg, Proctors Theatre, Mac...

June 16, 2018

Welcome to the world of music video shows. The Era of the New Music is upon us

and Blaze 1 Radio is taking the lead in  the industry. Blaze 1 radio is the JOINT..


March 29, 2018

February 16, 2018

Neicy Thomas, better known as Neicy Jay is a 26-year-old R&B artist from the south side of Chicago. She is heavily inspired by the 90’s era R&B music and artists. Neicy believes 90’s R&B to be “feel good” music. She says, “It just brings back memories… and that’s what...

January 9, 2018

JOYCE WHITE is an Actress, Voice Talent, Model, Motivational Speaker, Author, Casino Dealer and Radio/Television Personality. She began acting in December of 2001 in her church’s Easter and Christmas productions. Then in 2003 she decided to pursue acting outside of her...